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  • Settle down with your family
  • Get PR without temporary residence

With the need to attract talents from around the world to work in Australia, The Australian government is prioritizing this visa type in the post-pandemic period, with 5.500 slots available for qualified candidates in 2023-2024. You can live with your family in Australia.

What is Australia’s Global Talent 858 Visa?

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Visa 858 is a permanent visa for people who have an internationally recognised record of exceptional and outstanding achievement in an eligible field. That allows talented individuals to live and work permanently in Australia. It is designed for people who have demonstrated exceptional ability in their field, such as sport, arts, academic and research, or one of the 110 Australian nominated occupations.

Who is eligible for global talent visa in Australia?

Under the Global Talent program, individuals who are: highly skilled in one of the ​Minister’s defined sectors (or in a related sector); and. currently earning, or likely to earn at or above the Fair Work high income threshold.

Benefits of Visa 858

If you are eligible for Visa 858, you will be granted permanent residency in Australia. This means that you will be able to live, work, and study in Australia indefinitely. You will also be able to sponsor your family members to come to Australia.

Settle down with your family

To obtain permanent residency in Australia. Get permanent residency for your whole family quickly.

Education and Health

Enroll in Australia’s public healthcare (Medicare). Children can attend Australian public schools for free from grades 1 to 12.

Travel and work

Permanent residents of Australia have the freedom to travel to and from Australia and other countries for 5 years without needing to apply for a visa. After every 5 years, they must renew their permanent residency visa to continue enjoying this freedom of travel.

Sponsor family

Australian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their relatives to come to Australia on a temporary visa. This visa allows the relatives to travel, study, and work in Australia. If the relatives are eligible, they can then apply for permanent residency in Australia.

Citizen Australia

Opportunity to acquire Australian citizenship after completing the conditions under the Immigration Law


Own and buy real estate in Australia like a native.

Visa 858 helps you and your family go straight to PR Australia quickly

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  1. Resources
  2. Agri – food and AgTech
  3. Energy
  4. Health industries
  5. Defense, advanced manufacturing and space
  6. Circular economy
  7. DigiTech
  8. Infrastructure and tourism
  9. Financial services and FinTech
  10. Education

See details of occupations prioritized to settle in Australia according to the Australian Department of Immigration .

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The applicant should be between  18 and 50 years old.


If you have a Master’s degree or are waiting for PhD results, it is better if you have a Doctorate (PhD).


Have an outstanding international record in the field in which you work. (No skill assessment required)


Proof of qualified income (currently 162,000AUD/year )


If you can communicate in basic, IELTS 4.5 or PTE Academic 30 is an advantage.


Must be nominated by an Australian PR holder (or Australian citizenship) or an Australian company operating in the same field.

Dependent relatives

Family member

If your loved ones are in the family group , you can bring them:

  • Your spouse or common law .
  • Your minor children or children of the common law (children must be under 23 years old, over 18 must provide proof of economic dependence).
  • Your dependent adult is not married.
  • Unmarried adult dependent children of common law.

Applicant under 18 years old

Where  applicants  are under 18 years of age  when applying for a global talent visa, it may include:

  • Parents
  • Parents’ family members

Your family members must meet health requirements, sometimes even family members not applying for a visa with you. In addition, any family members over the age of 16 must meet the personality requirements.

Common mistakes to avoid when applying for a visa

FRAUD: Providing incomplete, untrue, or supporting documents results in an incomplete EOI.

COMPLEX: Submitting too much unsystematic information makes it difficult for reviewers to understand and properly appreciate your performance. Missed the chance to be identified as a Global Talent.

Nova is committed to working closely with you to ensure complete and robust documents. Gives a high chance of winning an invitation to apply for the 858 visa.

858 visa application process


Nova’s experts evaluate the application, provide direct advice and provide settlement direction for the applicant.


Prepare documents for submission of expression of interest. (EOI: Expression of interest)


The applicant receives an invitation to apply.


Physical examination, submission of IELTS 4.5 English certificate and criminal record


Apply for Visa 858


Get a permanent resident visa 858. (Permanent Resident)

Nova Global Visa

Nova Global Visa helps you to apply for Visa 858 quickly with the highest pass rate.

  • With our experience, we uncover hidden opportunities in your achievements . Thereby to help you have an advantage when filing EOI. Increase your chances of winning an invitation to apply for an 858 visa.
  • Prepare, apply and track your visa application throughout the process for approval.
  • Support eligible family members .
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